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Lectrobar LSB II


Lectrobar presents “Series LSB II” bus bar risers ranging from 300A upto 6400A. Our bus ducts are trusted for their high safety factor & long life span and come with a unique Joint Design.

Our products feature a Five Years Warranty that is extended to 15 years with our easy maintenance program.

Why use Busduct over Cables for power distribution applications ?

Busducts offer many advantages over cables. That includes:

  • Flexible, Reusable and Expandable
  • Easily Relocated and Reused
  • Accommodates to distribution changes
  • Efficient and Cost Saving
  • Zero Shut downs
  • Savings on installation costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Requires less space
  • Feeds Multiple Loads Distribution
  • Up to 1600A rating
  • Vertical Riser
  • Efficient for high rise buildings
  • Hassle free feeding solution
  • Service Entrance
  • Single Load


LectroBar Busducts

Series LSB II / 300A-6400A

Unique Features


Heat Sink

Unique design for the joint to make its temperature less than the rest of the busduct.


Double Head Bolt

One head breaks at the required torque. No need for torque wrench. Best tightening for the joint.


True Sandwich

No need to separate or flare the bars at the outlet. High short circuit withstand for both feeder and plugin.


Tin Coated Copper Bars

Oxygen free high purity > 99.99%. High conductivity > 9.95%. Surface protection. Good contact.


Two bolt patent joint design

More than two tons pressure on overlapping busbars at each bolt.


Aluminium Casting

Excellent heat dissipation. Significant reduction in reactant and magnetic flux leakage.


Safe and Versatile Design

Busduct meet the requirement of IEC-439/1-2. Tested and approved by different accredible laboratories.


Transformer Box

Enclose flexible joint and transformer bushing. Protect the system from the entry of any foreign body.


Spring Washer

Maintenance free joint using special heat treated spring steel conical shape washers.



Edgewise elbows, flat elbows, corner flat elbow, corner edgewise elbows, tees and crosses and more.

Maximum Layout Flexibility


Complete line of ‘standard fittings’ or ‘made to fit’ accessories with wide varieties are available to meet every application need.

These accessories include :

  1. Edgewise Elbows
  2. Flat Elbows
  3. Corner Flat Elbows
  4. Corner Edgewise Elbows
  5. Tees and Crosses
  6. Transformer and Switchboard Flanges
  7. Flexible joints
  8. Spring Riser
  9. Angle Hanger
  10. End Closure


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